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Easy-Laser: Belt Alignment
Alignment / easylaser belt alignment
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Easy-Laser: Shaft Alignment
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Easy-Laser: Belt Alignment

Align sheaves and pulleys

We have a complete range of professional tools for belt alignment. Choose between “visual” display on targets or digital display. Regardless which one you choose, the result when aligning with Easy-Laser® BTA (Belt Transmission Alignment) is reduced pulley, belt, bearing and seal wear. Vibration levels are also reduced. Increased efficiency also means lower energy costs. For these reasons, BTA normally pays for itself within a few months, regardless of which of the four models you choose.

Wireless and digital tool for alignment of sheaves/​pulleys

When aligning with the Easy-Laser® BTA you reduce the wear on sheaves/pulleys, belts, bearings and seals as well as reducing vibration. The accuracy of the digital readout means that you can align within prescribed tolerances and rely on the result. Especially transmissions with two or more belts, or wide belts, are highly affected by misalignment, causing large differences in belt tensions and also increased wear and tear on edges.

  • ​Adjustment values are always displayed live
  • Alignment can be made by one operator
  • Suitable for magnetic or non-magnetic sheaves of all sizes
  • Display data on multiple platforms
  • One free app – no license needed
  • Unique documentation possibilities

For quick and easy alignment of sheaves/pulleys

Easy-Laser® BTA is the perfect tool for sheave and pulley alignment. Mounted in a few seconds, the laser line projected onto the targets allows you to quickly ascertain and correct the misalignment. It couldn’t be easier!

  • Shows the parallel and angular misalignment between the sheaves.
  • Much faster and more accurate than measuring with earlier, conventional methods.
  • For both horizontal and vertical mounted machines.
  • Alignment can be made by one operator.
  • Also suitable for non-magnetic sheaves.
  • Fits almost any kind of sheave

For more information and products go to the Easy-Laser website.


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