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VC120: Vibration Calibration System

VC120: Schwingungskalibriersystem Swift and simple calibration of vibration measurement systems. Detection of frequency responses. Built-in measurement amplifier with display of transducer sensitivity. Battery-powered for mobile use. Traceable to PTB-normall. PC-controllable. Controllable via ASCII-commands. Oscillation Frequency:70 - 100 Hz Oscillation Amplitude:1 m/s² effective valuet Maximum Sensor Mass:400 g Plug-In Sensors:charge, IEPE and voltage Applications Vibration Downloads [...]

VC21: Vibration Calibrator

VC21: Vibration Calibrator Swift and simple calibration of vibration sensors and vibration measurement systems for acceleration, speed and path. Vibration level independent of load. Oscillation amplitude of 10 m/s² (VC20) and selectable from 1 to 20 m/s2 in up to 5 steps (VC21). Crystal stable oscillation frequency of 159.2 Hz (VC20) and selectable from 15.92 [...]

Nor1251/1253: Acoustic Precision Calibrators

[vc_gallery type="image_grid" images="2924,1987,2006,2700,2129"]Nor1251/1253: Acoustic Precision Calibrators The robust and handy acoustic calibrators are available in 2 versions with varying degrees of accuracy. The class 1 calibrator Nor1251 is applied most frequently. The Nor1253 is mainly suited for laboratory use. All calibrators have an internal control circuit, which ensures the calibration level unaffected by environmental variables [...]

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