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GEA – Something new for building and ground vibration measurement
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GEA – Something new for building and ground vibration measurement

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GEA - Something new for building and ground vibration measurement

A complete solution for measurement and analysis of vibrations in civil, geotechnical and construction field. A unique system that can help you manage a wide variety of application needs. From simple measurements and evaluations to the development of complex monitoring networks.

GEA is complete. Within the low noise triaxial sensor SEQUOIA IT integrates the power supply, the conditioning and signal 24 bit digitalization. No more need for instrument or DAQ board for connecting the sensor. Simply connect to the PC trough a normal USB port, or as an option via WiFi, and you get, thanks to the GEA-Lab Software a powerful tool for measuring and analyze vibration in buildings, ground and civil structures.

Not just a sensor, but a complete, modular, flexible and cost effective vibration analysis system suitable to answer all your measurement needs in civil applications.

Each GEA unit is independent, therefore is always your choice how to use it. Alone or together with other giving you the highest flexibility in the usage of the system.

GEA grants the higher modularity allowing an easy growth of your instrument. From a simple, single point measurement instrument to a multichannel system. No need for dedicated and proprietary Hardware or Software. Just add as much GEA as you like and connect them directly or via a stand HUB to the USB ports of your PC.

Short term measurement

Different standard acquisition modes are provided, such as the evaluation of individual events. This mode, usable, for example, in the assessment of explosive events, allows an immediate visualization of the results including the time history of the event, the spectral analysis, the tabular display of the Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) and direct comparison against reference curves.

Long term measurement

For long duration measurements or monitoring, the software allows you to save not only the trend of peak velocity and rms values with user-defined timing, but by defining appropriate threshold levels you can save, retrieve and display each event acquired.

GEA-Lab has been developed to guide the user, in a simple and intuitive way through the execution of the measures. From the initial configuration to the reports. Suitable for non-expert user, provides the flexibility and power you need to manage complex task.


The software is suitable to measure and monitor vibration for the assessment of structural damage in accordance with national and international regulation. Manage at the same time more sensors and, in addition to making measurements in real time, is able to record the time history of data for later analysis.


Few simple steps are enough to set the measure and describe it through user-definable fields. Each measure will be so completely documented for the purposes of archiving and reporting. At each sensor independent settings may be associated, depending on the position in the structure and standard applied.

Within the software the most common international standards has been included. Reference curves are also easily modified by the user, who can update, edit and/or introduce new ones.

Sensor:Tri-axial, MEMS-Piezo
A/D Converter:24 Bit Sigma Delta
Sampling frequency:1.024 Hz
Lowest level:0,0005 mm/s
Dynamic range:120 dB
Frequency response:0,8 - 100 Hz ( 315 Hz, Software selectable)
Protection grade:IP68
Dimension:D 117 x H 35 mm ( Without Mounting Accessories )
Weight:600 g
Shock resistance:3.000 g



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