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Daily Archives :9. Januar 2017
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Nor1292: Tri-axial Geophone

Nor1292: Tri-axial Geophone The triaxial geophone Nor1292 is a sensitive transducer for vibration velocity based on a rugged geophone construction used by seismologists and geophysicists for decades. One main application is for the measurement of vibrations in buildings. The frequency response is essentially flat from the resonance frequency 4,5 Hz and up to at least [...]

Nor1517A: Airflow Resistance Measurement System

Nor1517A: Airflow Resistance Measurement System The Nor1517A system measures the airflow resistance in porous materials according to ISO 9053/DIN EN 29053 (DIN52213). Applications Quality control in production process. Testing in research and development. Featuers Fast and accurate measurement and readout of measurement results. Accepts test material of various form and size. Easy setup and use. [...]

Dyps 3: New test system for dynamic stiffness after EN 29052-1

Dyps 3: New test system for dynamic stiffness after EN 29052-1 The dynamic stiffness indicates the suspension ability dam-laminated including in their enclosed air and is one of the parameter, which determines the sound absorption of floor superstructures in residential buildings. Loadable insulating materials for the impact sound insulation, should indicate a sufficient suspension ability, [...]

Nor265 Microphone Boom/Turntable Basic Unit

Nor265 Microphone Boom/Turntable Basic Unit The Microphone boom/Turntable Nor265 may be used as a stand-alone device to obtain the spatial average of sound level by moving a measurement microphone back and forth continuously. Main applications are building acoustic measurements (ISO 140-series), measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room (ISO 354) and determination of sound [...]

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