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CadnaR: Calculation and Assessment of Interior Noise

CadnaR: Calculation and Assessment of Interior Noise CadnaR is the powerful software tool for all professionals who deal with noise mitigation at work places or the optimization of rooms under consideration of psychoacoustic parameters. CadnaR was especially designed for the particular requirements of the following groups: Acousticians. Authorities with responsibility for Immission protection. Architects (construction). [...]

CadnaA: State-of-the-art Noise Prediction Software

CadnaA: State-of-the-art Noise Prediction Software CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement) is the leading software for calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise. Whether your objective is to study the noise immission of an industrial plant, of a mart including a parking lot, of a new road or railway scheme or even of entire towns [...]

BASTIAN: The Building Acoustics Planning System

BASTIAN: The Building Acoustics Planning System BASTIAN is the software to calculate airborne and impact sound transmission between rooms in buildings and airborne sound transmission from the exterior. The calculations in BASTIAN are based on parts 1 to 3 of the European Standard series EN 12354, being adopted by the majority of the European countries [...]


CATT-Acoustic CATT is an acronym for Computer Aided Theater Technique since theater lighting and decor CAD programs were the first CATT products in 1986. Since 1988, CATT has concentrated on software for acoustics prediction/auralization (CATT-Acoustic) and FIR reverberation tools (The FIReverb Suite). Room acoustics prediction, in general, is the process where, using geometrical acoustics, octave-band [...]

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