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Small Tapping Machine

Small Tapping Machine

Small Tapping Machine The small tapping machine system Gösele is a seismic source, which is based on the periodic impact of a moving mass. Deviating from the norm, it is primarily intended for exiting components, namely walls, fixtures, pipes etc.. However, it can - with restrictions also be used for ceilings. Using the standard tapping [...]

Nor280: Power Amplifier

Nor280: Power Amplifier Our aim is to take the latest technology available to help our customers complete their measurements faster but without loss of precision. The Nor280 power amplifier is the 4th generation of specially designed units for building acoustic measurements from Norsonic. Feauters: Specially designed for Building Acoustic measurements Lightweight and rugged construction – [...]

Nor279: Impact ball

Nor279: Impact ball To be used as the “Rubber Ball “ alternative to the Tapping Machine Excitation method in accordance with the ISO 16283-2 Appendix A.2 and the ISO 10140-5 Appendix F.2. Fulfill the requirements for a “standard heavy impact source” as given in the Japanese JIS A 1418-2:2000 Standard for impact sound insulation. Features: [...]

Nor278: Reference sound source for Sound Power measurements

Nor278: Reference sound source for Sound Power measurements The rugged and compact design makes it well suited for both laboratory and field use. The design ensures a stable and uniform sound power output with unique long-term stability. The reference sound source Nor278 is designed to produce a stable and uniform sound power output with unique [...]

Nor277: Tapping Machine

Nor277: Tapping Machine For making footfall noise transmission measurements in buildings as set out in International and National Standards. Impact sound transmission testing according to ISO 10140-5. ISO 16283-2 and the old ISO 140-6, -7,-8 as well as ASTM E492-04 and ASTM E1007-04e1 Determination of single number quantity index Ln,w, in accordance with ISO 717-2 [...]

Nor276: Dodecahedron Loudspeaker

Nor276: Dodecahedron Loudspeaker The Nor276 is a high power loudspeaker with omni-directional characteristics. The Nor276 has been designed for continuous operation for more than one hour at full power. It is designed to be used with Nor280 Power Amplifier only. Using other amplifiers may damage the speakers and will void the warranty. The dimension is [...]

Nor275: Hemi-Dodecahedron Loudspeaker

Nor275: Hemi-Dodecahedron Loudspeaker A powerful sound source designed for building acoustics measurements per ISO-140/4 Annex A (Field measurements). The source provides uniform sound radiation. When used with the power amplifier Nor280, the high sound power level ensures accurate descriptors in measurement conditions that include high background levels, high sound insulation properties and large room volumes. [...]

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